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Holiday Shopping: 7 Tips to Help You Stay on Budget

The holiday season is upon us and spending is on the rise, but there’s no need to break the bank this year. With the right game plan and some intentionality, you can avoid overspending while holiday shopping.

Here are 7 tips to help you stay on budget:

#1: Make a list.

Make a list of every person you plan to buy for and write the dollar amount you plan to spend on each person next to their name.

* You’ll want to make sure the sum of what you plan to spend on everyone is within your budget. If it’s not, make the necessary adjustments until it is.

#2: Don’t procrastinate.

When it comes to holiday shopping, the time to start is NOW. Waiting until the last-minute can lead to more spending and more stress.

#3: Shop around.

If you find the perfect gift for someone on your list, but it’s over the amount you planned to spend on them, check other stores for a better price. With technology today, this may be as simple as using your phone to do a price check at various websites.

#4: Spend wisely.

Setting a budget and having a game plan (aka your list) is great… if you stick to it. Spend wisely and keep yourself accountable by reviewing your bank statements and using online banking to monitor your accounts.

#5: Give the gift of your time.

Not every gift has to cost money. Consider giving the gift of your time. Create coupons to give friends and family members. Below are a few simple ideas. Get creative; these can be so much fun!

  • A night of babysitting
  • A homecooked meal
  • A day of cleaning

#6: Remember to factor in shipping.

FREE shipping is always best, but sometimes it isn’t an option. Remember to factor the cost of shipping into your budget. Having to rush shipping can get expensive, which is another reason to avoid procrastinating.

#7: Give the gift that always fits.

Mastercard® gift cards are always the perfect fit. Visit any of our Alliance Bank lobby locations to choose a gift card in any amount from $10–$1,000.*

One final thought:

Time with your loved ones, as well as your financial and emotional health, is more important than any gift. The perfect present is being present.   

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