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5 Tips for Businesses Searching for Merchant Services

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At Alliance Bank we speak with customers on a regular basis about credit card processing options and what is best for their business.  Below are a few tips and things to keep in mind when shopping for a credit card processor.

1. Evaluate Your Options

With credit card processing comes lots of options. There are many different products for processing to meet the needs of different business types. At Alliance Bank we partner with Fitech Payments located in Ft. Worth, TX. We communicate with them daily and request options and rates that will be best for our customers. Below are the different solutions we currently offer:

  • Mobile
  • Countertop
  • Ecommerce
  • Virtual Terminal
  • POS

Other services we offer include

  • Gift card program
  • Seasonal processing
  • Rental program
  • Firstview Reports
  • Next Day Funding at no additional cost

2. Understand Your Fees

There are many processors that are in the business of scamming. They are looking to hook you into a contract with great rates and then slowly start adding more and more fees, and you end up with a termination fee and contract you didn’t know you had. Make sure you fully understand the charges you will have and the terms of the agreement. Alliance Bank offers merchant services with no contract and no termination! That is something most companies do not offer. Do your research on the processor to make sure they are a trustworthy company. Signing up for credit card processing through a community bank such as Alliance Bank is a great option because the research on the company has already been done and your trusted banker can help you with the process.

3. Customer Support

This one is so important! Make sure you choose a company that provides great customer service. If you are in the middle of a sale and your machine stops working, a customer will not want to wait for you to be on hold with a call center in hopes they can answer your question. We have a department at Alliance Bank that you can contact directly at any time. We will help you every step of the way including from the beginning application process, setting up your terminal and providing continual support with any of your processing questions. If you are having trouble with a connection or have transaction questions, we have the ability to come out to your business or walk you through the issue over the phone right when you need us. We are here to help you!

4. Look for Security

Look for a company that offers the latest technology, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and data breach protection to ensure the protection of your customer’s information. We offer the latest industry leading security solutions and products to help protect from potential threats. Our new Security Pro solution provides data breach protection covering costs in the instance of a data breach. In addition, our standard security solutions include Terminal encryption, tokenization, and EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) to help safeguard your business.

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5. Accessible Reporting

Make sure you choose a company that offers statements and reports that include a breakdown on the fees you are being charged and the transactions that were processed to ensure you are not getting overcharged. Fitech Payments offers versatile reporting features and easy navigation for merchants. Want a detailed account of all your activity? It’s at your fingertips, down to each individual transaction with advanced encryption to keep sensitive data safe and provide peace of mind.

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If you would like more information please contact Pablo Guzman at Alliance Bank at 903-439-6706 or email him at [email protected].