Identity theft and fraud has been a concern for consumers since the advent of Internet banking. While identity theft and fraud can happen anytime, remaining vigilant about protecting your personal information is an effective way to help prevent a stolen identity.

At Alliance Bank, we’re committed to keeping you knowledgeable about how to stay safe online. Here are few easy tips to help your information stay secure:


  • Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) — Download this tool to help protect against attacks such as malware, phishing and pharming.
  • Remember to keep your computer's operating software, firewall software, and anti-virus software up to date. Set them up to update daily if you can. For more online banking safety tips, click here
  • For tips on how to keep your mobile device safe, click here.
  • Be sure to use a complex and unique password for your online banking profile. Don't use the same password as your email account, social media account, etc.
  • People have a natural tendency to trust. Social engineering attacks attempt to exploit this tendency in order to steal your information. Once the information has been stolen, it can be use to commit fraud or identify theft. Learn more about protecting yourself from social engineering attacks with this helpful link

We provide FraudCENTER Protection to all of our debit card holders. However, if you become aware of any suspicious activity on your account, please contact us immediately at 877-903-2265.