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The 5 W's of Remote Deposit Capture


Any merchant with a business checking account at Alliance Bank who meets the basic requirements has the potential to use this service. The basic requirements include a secure internet connection, Windows PC with a USB port and power outlet available. Any additional equipment needed may be purchased through Alliance Bank. For a complete list of charges, contact us today.*


Remote Deposit Capture is a convenient way to deposit checks. This service allows the business user to scan received checks and transmit the scanned images to the bank for posting and clearing without ever leaving the convenience of the office. There are different types of scanners provided by Alliance Bank to assist with the needs of your business type.*


The setup usually takes about 1-2 weeks to set up in our system and install at your place of business. An Alliance Bank representative will notify you when the scanner is ready for install and training.


You may inquire about remote deposit at any of our locations. The scanner itself can be set up on any Windows computer in your office that meets the basic requirements. The remote deposit software will be installed on your Windows PC through our online remote deposit portal.


The benefits of Remote Deposit are substantial. This service allows Alliance Bank customers to make deposits without leaving their office or business. Trips to the bank are reduced or eliminated, and you have a 7:00pm deposit cutoff, which could improve efficiency and profitability. Daily reporting, check images and instant deposit notification are available when needed. Alliance Bank also has a department dedicated to remote deposit! You can call directly at any time to answer your troubleshooting or deposit questions.

Remote Deposit – Saving You Time and Money

It’s literally money in the bank without ever leaving your office!

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*Please contact April Ashmore at Alliance Bank for pricing and more information.

April Ashmore
[email protected]